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Big Gym

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The big gym of Sillicon ill a.k.a Silicon Gym is situated in the basement of the block 2 of Strahov dormitory. The main entrance is at the side of the block 2 facing block 3 under the stairs.

The gym is made up from::

  • Open gym - you'll find here exactly what you imagine under the word gym. Dumbbells, Barbells, machines bands and a ton of mirrors. Also on the ceiling. There are never enough.
  • Aerobik II a.k.a small room - a small room mainly used for warm-ups, however, many people train bodyweight workouts here, or kettlebells, TRX, boxing.
  • Aerobik I a.k.a. big room - mainly used during group exercise classes (tabata, box…), sometimes used by Trainer School. It's basically a bigger version of “small room”, where you can train with more people some TRX, box or functional workouts even outside group lessons.
  • Solarium - since we are engineering sutdens, we don't go out very often. We are busy, so the once, who still want to get some tan, do it in this turbo way.
  • Massage room - want to improve regeneration after training, or release some tension from university? Book a massage!
  • Locker rooms - both men's and women's has 27 lockers and of course showers. You don't have to suffer the walk all sweaty back to block ten.

Opening hours

6.00 - 23.00 (last entry 22:30).


Want to check out, how the gym looks? Besides and Open Day at the beginning of the winter semester, you can check it on our page. There are a few old pictures, although you can be sure we “pimped” the gym out even more!


Having such a good equipment is also a big responsibility. Because of that, we have a few rules, to keep the quality as long as possible and so everybody has a good experience while working out. The rule violation is punishable by ban for all of the gyms. Do you want to know how to get unbanned? Check out this page. Rules in the nutshell:

  1. Everybody has to identify themselves with their access card on the card reader.
  2. Tidy up after yourself. Rerack your weights, use desinfection if needed. Same applies to “small room”. There is a limited space and you'll value the equipment not taking half of the room's space during busy hours.
  3. Be gentle to the leather padding. Use a clean towel, don't put weights on the bench and don't step on it with shoes.
  4. Train in sport shoes. The weights or even bad movement during functional training could be a risk of injury.
  5. Don't train only by yourself in the gym. Even if you are careful, something could happen and there would be noone to help you. We have a facebook group, where you can ask, if somebody will go train with you.

Rules in detail, although they are only in Czech.


Would you like to start working out? To access the big gym excluding massages, you'll need to register. How to do that? More info here.



Gym manager: Vojtěch Anderle

The rest of the people can be found here.


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