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Quick reference

For active members


Block 11 and 12

“The greatest block at this dormitory.”Patrik Hübner, 2021


1.2.2022 - According to preliminary result of the elections, a new Student's representative of block 11 and 12 has been elected - Šimon Dutý.

5.12.2021 - On every floor there is now an informational board that will help you find your way around the block.

1.11.2021 - A new contact list has been created.

28.10.2021 - A table football tournament took place. Congratulations to the winners!

Join and follow our FB group - Koleje Strahov, blok 11 a 12,
we announce all important news in this Facebook group, don't forget to invite your neighbours.

Questions about connecting to the internet or the club membership:

Contact list

Do you have spare time and would you like to help us with block activities?

We'll tell you, where we need volunteers and what you could enjoy.


Housing manager of block 11 and 12

Monika Švikruhová Gilová

Office: 11/115 (opposite to reception)
Telephone: 234 678 231

Office hours from 1st to 15th day of month Office hours from 16th to the last day of month
Mo - Thu 8:00 - 11:00 I 12:00 - 14:00 8:00 - 10:00 I 12:00 - 13:00
Fri 8:00 - 11:00 8:00 - 10:00

Block rooms

South - Side with the big kitchen, next to the elevator.
North - Side with the small kitchen.

More detailed information about the block's common rooms and the operating rules here :!:

You can also use the club's projects rooms at other blocks.

Room Where? Keys (registration) Operating hours
Laundry room B11 - Showers 1st floor south/ B12 - 1st floor ladies' bathroom Reception, in return for your dormitory card (15CZK/30min - washing machine) (20CZK/60min - drying machine) Without limits
Drying room 4th floor north - 440 Reception, in return for your dormitory card (free) Without limits
Cinema room Between 1st and 2nd floor At the cinema rooms managers after reservating the room Without limits if you keep quiet at the night
Study room Between 2rd and 3th floor Reception, in return for your dormitory card (free) Without limits if you keep quiet at the night
Table tennis room Between 3nd and 4rd floor At the table tennis room managers Without limits if you keep quiet at the night
Summer storage room Between 3nd and 4rd floor Entry only with the summer storage room managers After an appointment made with the room managers
Block gym Between 4th and 5th floor Registration with the block gym managers, after that access to the room is with your ISIC (if you paid for the Silicon Hill basic membership) 7:00 - 23:00 (last entry at 22:30)
Table football room 4th floor south At the table football room managers Without limits if you keep quiet at the night
Tool room 4th floor north - 441 At the tool room managers After an appointment made with the room managers

Map of block 11 and 12


Service Where?
Vacuum cleaner At the vacuum cleaner manager in exchange for your dormitory card - 5CZK/30min and 1 room fee
Grill 2 Grills on wheels + grill pincers. You can borrow the grill at the managers room in exchange for your dormitory card. View the rules for borrowing the block grill
Printing At the printing managers - see Contact list
Opening the room (when you accidentally close it) Reception (if you forget your key at home, you can borrow a new one for 14 days at the housing managers' office in exchange for a 500CZK refundable deposit.
Changing the bedsheets Every odd week (according to the number of the week in the calendar) on Monday and Tuesday (8:30 - 9:00/12:00 - 13:00) in the room on the southern ground floor, next to the elevator.
Registration to the computer network of the Silicon Hill club By filling in the online pre-registration and paper form and visiting the registrar. See the manual.
Connection on the 1st floor of block 12 only by weak wifi signal, right now the cable is missing.
Borrowing tools In the tool room, see block rooms
Borrowing the sport equipment At the sports equipment manager in exchange for your dormitory card. In case the equipment is broken or lost, the person who borrowed it must pay for the damages done when the managers of the sports equipment tell them to.
View the rules for borrowing the sport equipment
View list of the equipment
Switching on circuit breakers (electricity) The SFA (SÚZ) electrician - report to the reception
Iron/Ironing board Reception, in return for your dormitory card
Baking tray + oven grate Reception, in return for your dormitory card

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Questions regarding block 11 and 12.
For Silicon Hill FAQ click here.

*I live in block 12, can I use services and common rooms located at block 11?

Yes, although block 11 and 12 is divided into two parts, all residents in block 12 have the same block manager, block representative and block funds as residents of block 11. We are currently trying to have a few active members in block 12, so you don't have to walk halfway through the building if you need to add your device to the network for example. :)

*When can I change the bedsheets? Where can I borrow the vacuum cleaner? What do I do when I closed my door with the keys inside?

See Services.

*We have a failure in our room/in the common areas. What do I do?

Defects are repaired here by SFA (SÚZ) employees, who perform maintenance according to the list of reported defects. You can report the defect via SFA (SÚZ) intranet or at the reception. If there is a defect in your room, the repairman will come to your room on an unannounced day and hour.

*There are bugs in my room/in the kitchen. What do I do?

In the event of cockroaches, bedbugs or other harmful insects infestation, contact the housing manager as soon as possible. She will arrange disinsection spraying. The spraying is fast and free. Bugs in the room are not normal.

*Where are my letters? What is the address here?

The letters for block 11 are placed in post boxes located near the entrance for block 11. For block 12, the letters remain at the reception and you are informed of their delivery by a small piece of paper on the reception window with your room number.

Registered letters and larger packages remain at Česká pošta: branch Strahov post office and you will be informed by a special letter from the post office (in your post box or at the reception) as if you were receiving a normal letter.

Block 11 address:
Chaloupeckého 1918/2
Praha 6 - Břevnov

Block 12 address
Chaloupeckého 1919/1
Praha 6 - Břevnov

*Where are the big ovens, in which I can bake food?

Four-burner electric ovens are located at block 11 in large kitchens on the second and fourth floors.

*Neighbors are noisy while I try to sleep for an exam, what should I do?

Try to go to them and ask nicely for them to quiet down. If they're still loud, visit the block representative or the doorman at the reception.

*The internet doesn't work. Who should I contact?

If you have tried all the options, such as restarting the device, turning off random MAC addresses, or resetting the password if you're not sure about it, write an e-mail to or visit a registrar.

*I got banned. How do I get it revoked?

Depending on the service that was banned for you, visit the appropriate person to give you more information:

Ban on Basic Membership - Block representative
Ban on network membership - Admin / Block representative / write an e-mail to
Ban on Sports Membership - Block Gym Administrator
Ban on a specific room / service on the block - Block representative

Depending on the severity and number of your transgressions, you will be given an appropriate task which needs to be done (e.g. clean the block grills) and thus significantly reduce the time for which the ban was imposed on you.

*The table tennis room manager isn't in his room, what should I do?

Try to write him an e-mail and arrange a meeting in advance, or better yet, join us as an active member on our block and help us. In addition to having keys from the table tennis room and the possibility to go play with a friend at any time, you will also help the students' self-government (Silicon Hill club) and everyone else to whom you will lend the keys to the room. Want to know more? Contact us at

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