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Quick reference

For active members


Blok 9


Cleaning checks May

  • 7th May 2024
  • 21st May 2024

Block calendar of events

Add a calendar of events on the Nine:

ICal, for other calendars then GoogleHere

How to add a calendar to an Apple device:


  • Take the trash cans from the rooms to the trash cans in front of the block
  • Food boxes and food scraps do not belong in the bins in the corridors. But to the bin in front of the block

Otherwise, there are cockroaches in the dormitory!

Trips on the Nine

Join us on trips around the country and get to know who you actually live with on the Block!
More info Here

  • The bulletin board also serves as an official information channel..
  • You can also find us at Facebooku
  • You can switch to czech HERE


Block representative

  • Josef Kiselica (115)

Deputy representative

  • Petr Šťastný (124)

Block admin


  • Josef Vašata (429)
  • Olexandr Chmel (328)
  • Petr Šťastný (124)

Use e-mail
Banal requests (changing the MAC address, moving, adding a device) can be solved by the registrars.
For network problems, contact the admin or his representative.

Stuff to borrow

You will need a dorm ID to rent block items. Before you rent a drill and grill, read the rules of use.

Vacuum cleaner 2.floor

  • Josef Kiselica - 115
  • Vít Pekárek - 211

Big and small grill

  • Nikola Vránová - 229

Vacuum cleaner 3.floor

  • Ondřej chvátal - 401

AKU drill

  • Ondřej chvátal - 401

Electricity consumption meter

  • Vít Pekárek - 211

Iron, ironing desk

* Anežka Laščáková - 533

Another iron can be borrow from Housekeeper


3D Priting basement - south
Bastlírna (Workshop) basement - south
Bike room - south basement - south Olexandr Chmel (328) vlastní klíč oproti peněžní záloze
Music room basement - north Tomáš Krejča (10/225)
Small gym basement - north Filip Hladej (225)
Meeting room mezzanine 1 - 2 Jozef Palasthy (313) key with the administrator

Big kitchen - 2nd floor

2nd floor - north (245)
Jindřích Bouška (241)
key with the administrator
Martin Kulíšek (237)

TV room

mezzanine 2 - 3
Filip Sedláček (417)
key with the administrator
Andrea Vaňková (327)
Drying room - 3rd floor 3rd flooor - south (322) keys at the gatehouse

Common room

mezzanine 3 - 4

Nikola Vránová (229)
key with the administrator
reservation list
Drying room - 4th floor 4. patro - sever (445) keys at the gatehouse
Laundry 4th floor - south (422) keys at the gatehouse
Study room mezzanine 4 - 5 open 24/7

Big kitchen - 5nth floor

5. patro - sever (545)
Ondřej Chvátal (401)
key with the administrator
Anežka Laščáková (533)

Music room

Room designed to withstand your musical needs, containing drums, pianino, microphones, repro and amplifiers. Its located in the north part of basement at block 9. Its sound proofed, but some noise is still getting out, so be sure to follow the rules and schedule. The entrance is managed by card reader (CTU/ISIC card) and only members of Silicon Hill with “Music rooms” membership are allowed .If you want to use the room, go to the manager (bring your CTU/ISIC card)

More info at SH Music rooms.


A fully equipped gym, to which members of the Silicon Hill club who are students of CTU have access as part of the basic membership. Entry is realized using a card reader (ISIC / CTU card). In order to enter, you need to have the card number entered in your personal profile in IS (the registrar can add it, it takes about a week to enter it into the system)..

Basic rules are:

  • Read all rules!
  • At least 2 people
  • When entering, everybody uses own card (even when coming as a group)!
  • Bring and use your own towel
  • When leaving, put everything in its place, turn off hi-fi and close the windows
  • Gym is open between 7:00 - 23:00 (last entry at 22:30)
  • Gym is monitored by a security camera

If you are not student of CTU

If you are not studying at CTU, your ISIC will not work on the reader.
You will need a so-called guest card, which you can get at the central reception in Block 1.

How to do it

More infor can be found in Silicon Hill websites Fitcentrum Silicon Hill

Bike depository

If you have a bicycle with you, it does not need to be stored in your small room. You can use the bike depository on this block. Its a small room with a few bike stands and quite full these days.

For more information contact bike depository manager.

Washing machine

Room 422 where two industrial washers and one dryer are located. Keys are borrowed at the doorman against the rail - when renting, it is advisable to mention whether you want to wash in only one or both washing machines at the same time, so that the doormen do not lend the second key to another interested party. Malfunctions are reported at the gatehouse in the fault book.

Before you start washing:

  1. Turn on the power supply to the washing machine with the rotary switch on the wall
  2. Turn on the washing machines with the switch on the front panel
  3. Select the program using the number buttons there (Normal washing at 40°C is program no. 4)
  4. Pull out the hopper and pour the powder into the left drum (main wash - guesswork, or use a measuring cup), the middle one usually remains empty (prewash) and on the right, pour fabric softener (one cap from the fabric softener bottle) and slide it back in
  5. Load the laundry into the washing machine and close the door. You may need to push a little until you hear a click.
  6. Press the Start/Stop button to start washing and have a 40-minute break (it is worth waiting a while to see if the washing machine really fills in water). The washing machine clicks again - it locks the laundry door.

After washing:

  1. Open the door by pressing the button with the key symbol (it takes a moment)
  2. Take out the laundry and check that there is nothing left inside (just turn the drum with your hand)
  3. Leave the washing machine door open
  4. Switch off the washing machine/s first on the front panel and then with the switch on the wall
  5. Lock it behind you and burn it on the gatehouse with the key so that the next hour doesn't start counting down


  • You can make a reservation for a washing machine in the table at the concierge.
  • The washing machine has only 9 buttons, so you don't have to worry about it at all, as it is explained in the laundry room.

Laundry is charged

  • Washing machine 30 kč per hour.
  • Dryer 20 kč per hour

All fees are automatically added to your rent in the ISKAM system

Drying rooms

The clothes you washed have to dry somewhere, so in order to keep your room usable there is this room, where you can put all your wet clothes and let it dry. Because the demand is large, there are two rooms like that on this block (3rd floor south - room 322 and 4th floor north - room 445). You can borrow keys from drying rooms for free at the gatehouse.

Meeting room

Newly reconstructed room between first and second floor on the north side (mezzanine between 1st and 2nd floor) with office chairs and whiteboard. Its multipurpose room for studying, debates, meetings, board games, lecturing etc. Keys can be borrowed from the manager against your dormitory card.

TV room

Room with sofa, sitting bags and projector for watching movies.

Common room

Or also football room - is located in mezzanine betwen 3th and 4th floor. Common room, equipped with desk football, darts, chairs, couches,is used for all kinds of celebrations and meetings. Smoking is strictly forbidden in this room (and every other common room).

Study room

Located in the mezzanine between 4th and 5th floor. Name speaks for itself. When you need calm place to study, this is the place. Room contains some chairs and tables. There is also functional fan on the ceiling - the controls are near the light switches.

Keys can be borrowed against valid dorm card.


Fully equipped electrotechnical workroom of project MacGyver – bastlíři SH located in south basement - if you are enthusiast and want to make something, or just need something easily fixed (notebook destroyed by steam roller is not the option), be sure to stop by. You have the opportunity to meet with the best people in electrical engineering and robotics at CTU. Every week Monday to Thursday, 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. there is someone from the MacGyver club.

More info and contacts at MacGyver – bastlíři SH.

Big kitchen

For bigger cooking, baking and frying we have two large kitchen with seating and a large oven. Both are located next to the elevator, first in 2nd floor (245), second in 5th floor (545).

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