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Rules for borrowing the BLOK 9 rotary hammer

(we do have bosch gbh 2-28 with a set of SDS drills)

1. The rotary hammer can be lent to members of the Silicon Hill club against written conformation (name, income, block / room, signature) to the list of loans and the drom-card for a period agreed with the administrator. It is advisable to contact the administrator by e-mail before borrowing and arrange a handover time.

2. Before using the rotary hammer, everyone is obliged to read the user manual (czech version lend with drill, english version here ) and follow all the instructions.

3. Only appropriate equipment (especially the correct type of drill for the given material) can be used to work with the drill It is forbidden to use any damaged equipment, or equipment not designed for this type of rotary hammer.

5. The rotary hammer must always be returned appropriately in time and undamaged, in case of damage to the rotary hammer or accessories, the borrower is obliged to pay for the necessary repair / replacement.

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