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kolej:bloky:blok_9:pravidla_gril [2020/07/07 20:34]
kochy [(respektive postup pro jeho zapůjčení)]
kolej:bloky:blok_9:pravidla_gril [2022/05/16 11:06]
kochy removed corona info
Řádek 12: Řádek 12:
 NEJSME [[klub:sluzby:grilovaci_centrum|GrilCentrum Siliconhillu]], pouze správci blokového grilu B9! NEJSME [[klub:sluzby:grilovaci_centrum|GrilCentrum Siliconhillu]], pouze správci blokového grilu B9!
-**Contact one of the managers** via email in sufficient advance in order to agree on time of the handover. Keep in mind that you need to return the gril __clean__ and __in working order__.  You can borrow the basic utensisl with the grill, however charcoal is your own responsibility. 
-Things we absolutely need to know when you contact us are your name, date and time when you intend to take the gril and when you plan to return it. Requests not having all these informations may be ignored. If you are contacting us via mail, please use subject 
-'' [Gril B9] - 'Borrowing Date' '' and in the text fill out the remaining information. 
-We will agree on when you can take the gril. We do reqire dorm-card as a bail 
-WE ARE NOT [[klub:sluzby:grilovaci_centrum|Siliconhill grilcentrum ]], only B9 gril managers! 
kolej/bloky/blok_9/pravidla_gril.txt · Poslední úprava: 2022/05/16 11:06 autor: kochy