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Sport FAQ

  1. How to register?
  2. I am a CTU graduate, but I wish to continue my studies next semester and I can't access the gym.
    • We are sorry, nothing can be done. You are not a student officially and you cannot acces the gym until you are back studying.
  3. I got banned
  4. I cannot access from the indoor entrance from the block 2.
    • This entrance is only for block 2 residents. If you are one of them, you did everything that is written here, but it still doesn't work, write an email to, we'll check where the problem is.
  5. I cannot sign up for a class, what's up with that?
    • The class may be already full - in the column “Volno” which means “free places” is “0”.
    • The signing up may have closed - 2 hours before the start of the lesson it closes up.
    • Instructor may have banned you - in the column “Akce” is “Ban od instruktora!”.
    • Instructor may have cancelled the classil - it doesn't appear in the schedule of classes.
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