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Request to return membership for LS 2020

Due to the current actions of the Government of the Czech Republic and Sanitation, which will keep many members away from the Strahov dormitory premises and thus will not take advantage of the club's membership, the club's board of directors has issued Resolution 2020-0028 and the club's chairman an an Order NP2020-10, which lays down the following rules for repayment of membership fees.

Claims for reimbursement of contributions paid for the current period may be made by members who have paid their membership contributions in the range of 31. 8. 2020 to 4. 10. 2020. This request must be made by members in the manner described below by 18. 10. 2020.

Request submission

You can submit an application via your profile in club information system

Under the “Payments” tab, in the last column you will find the option “Request Return (COVID-19).”

Members are free to apply from 9. 10. 2020 to 18. 10. 2020. Immediately upon request, services associated with the membership will be suspended. The funds will be returned to the original account within 14 days.

Possible scenarios

Standard rollback

The member has left the dorm, has no plans to return. It will apply for reimbursement as above and the membership fee will be refunded within 14 days.

Preserve certain memberships

The member had paid for basic, network and sports memberships. He is still on campus, so he would like to keep basic and network memberships intact and ask for sports membership to be returned.

For technical reasons, the club always returns the original amounts, so we ask such member to ask for a refund of the original payment only after the basic and network membership has been paid. He will then be reimbursed for his basic, network and sports membership within 14 days of applying.

The analogy is for other combinations.


Answers to frequently asked questions will be published here.

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