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Club measures against the spread of COVID-19 valid from 5. 9. 2021

Based on the valid regulations of Ministry of Health [2], order of director of SFA CTU [3] and order of rector of CTU it to allow usage of rooms governed by club Silicon Hill for those accommodated in the dormitories of SFA CTU to benefit from all memberships in the Silicon Hill club without fundamental restrictions, with the following exceptions and rules:

Room usage rules

These rules apply to all rooms managed by Silicon Hill except Silicon Gym and Grill center.

  1. Only residents staying at the CTU dormitories without COVID-19 signs are allowed to enter the room. Exceptions will be resolved with the administrator of the room, to allow entry it is necessary to prove the fulfillment of the condition according to the O-N-T system [1].
  2. It is mandatory to have the mouth and nose covered with a respirator or other protective equipment without an exhalation valve with at least 94% filtration efficiency (class FFP2 / KN 95) or a surgical mask.
  3. The room administrator will ensure the possibility of disinfecting the hands.
  4. It is allowed to use the full capacity of the room.

Spaces with special regime

Silicon Gym

The operation is governed by the valid measures of the Ministry of Health, especially by the obligation to prove before entry the fulfillment of the condition according to the O-N-T system [1] and by observing the spacings. More information can be found at Special rules during the occurrence of COVID-19.

Grill Center

The organizer is obliged to check the fulfillment of the conditions of the O-N-T system with the participation of more than 20 persons [1].


  1. Remote exchange or addition of new equipment is allowed and this method is preferred.


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